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Sunday, July 21 with Mozzarella Stories

The day of Sunday, July 21, will be dedicated to the film Mozzarella Stories, which will be screened in the presence of the director Edoardo De Angelis and the cast, including the actors Massimiliano Gallo, Giovanni Esposito and Massimiliano Rossi at 21:30 at the Arena Don Tonino Bello Villa Europa in San Vito dei Normanni. The film is about Ciccio DOP, absolute lord of an empire based on the production of mozzarella cheese. After years of unchallenged rule, he is facing an unprecedented crisis that sees him fall into a market war against mysterious Chinese businessmen. The latter, in fact, have suddenly invaded supermarkets and restaurants with a high quality mozzarella, excellent flavor, and especially at half price ... Before  the very real risk of ending up ruined, Ciccio DOP reacts and his the reaction triggers a series of events with which his daughter Sofia (Luisa Ranieri), a charming and charismatic woman, the crooner Angelo Tatangelo (Massimiliano Gallo) and former champion water polo Dudo (Massimiliano Rossi) will have to deal.  Disturbing Mastu Pascale’s complicated demands,    Gravinio’s violence and lethal madness , Gigino a'Purpetta (Giovanni Esposito)’s melodramatic madness fill the horizon. In the most difficult time, however, the polished Accounting (Andrea Renzi) will offer a series of excellent advice, while a wise and  enigmatic Chinese masseuse in Sofia will show the way to Sofia to be able to create something from nothing and get to where no woman had ever accomplished before her. Followed by a screening of Fisico da spiaggia, a short film also directed by Edoardo De Angelis and starring Nicola Nocella;  and another short film, Bisesto, directed by Giovanni Esposito and Francesco Prisco. At the end of the evening screening of the short film Bimbi in rete,by  Marco Liberti, which will be screened every night of the festival. Before the screenings to the public will be served  a locally produced mozzarella  by a cheese maker, Apulian focaccia  and you can taste the wines by Tenute Rubino.

The Salento Finibus Terrae International Short Film Festival is sponsored by: townof Fasano - Department of Culture, the mayor Lello Di Bari and the councillor Laura De Mola. Town of San Vito dei Normanni - Department of Culture, Mayor Alberto Magli and the Councillor for Culture Giuseppe Di Viesto. The festival is patronised by UNICEF and UNESCO. Main sponsor of the eleventh edition of the festival: Baume et Mercier, Stefano Ricci, TWWW.IT. Sponsor: Euphidra, Adelina Scalzotto - handmade jewelry, BancApulia. Partners who believe in the project and have argued for years the festival: Borgo Egnatia, Masseria Relais del Cardinale, Sierra Silvana, Laguna blu, Tenute Rubino, Consorzio Valle d’Itria. Media partner: Iris Mediaset, Empire Italia - TWWW.IT,, Italia della Cultura.
Free admission subject to availability

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