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From 2nd to 4th August Doatella Finocchiaro, Anna Bonaiuto, Alessandra Mastronardi, Ivano Marscotti and Giorgio Colangeli will receive a prize.

The actors and actresses Donatella Finocchiaro, Anna Bonaiuto, Alessandra Mastronardi, Ivano Marescotti, Giorgio Colangeli and the director Maria Sole Tognazzi will be guests from 2nd to 4th August (arena Don Tonino Bello at San Vito dei Normmani ,Brindisi).

The San Vito leg closes the 10th edition of the festival with the projection od 40 short films in 3 sections and everyone of them will have a winner (Around the world, Mondo Corto and Corti Italia) with a tribute to Ugo Tognazzi with the projection of 2 sohrts of the serie “I nuovi mostri” by Dino Risi, Mario Monicelli and Ettore Scola (the episodes “L’uccellino in Val Padana” and “L’oppio dei popoli”) and Ugo Tognazzi as the protagonist. Furthermore the projection of the documentary “Ritratto di mio padre” by Maria Sole Tognazzi (an autobiographic film  with unpublished documents about the great Italian actor’s life) partecipating to the event to close the 10th edition and meet the public.  Besides movies, the San Vito leg will introduce a performance dedicated to pizzica   with the Taricata concert which will be broadcast on

Last night there was the projection of 9 shorts of the section “Around the world”: “Saint Petersburg timelaps” by the Russian director Andrew Efimov, which won the prize as best film: a charming story of daily life in this wonderfull city; then  “Dream world” by Frank Sauer (Germany), “Life, nature, you” by Miles Thomson (UK), “Roma” by Federico Castro (Spain), “Skypark base jump” by Snow R. Shai (Israel), “Trieste” by Andrija Kovac (Serbia), “Venezia” by Fky-Franck Pinel (France), “Winter in hell” by Henrique Pecheco and “Calcio storico Fiorentino” by Brice Ansel about the historical Florentine event where 4 teams play a sort of very hard rugby.

The night closed with the concert of Taricata, a group  from San Vito dei Normanni where also the famous Pizzica ti Santu Vitu was born and since 1977 this group has been bringing around Italy and Europe

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