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Julian Sands in Carovigno 
for Salento Finibus Terrae

Julian Sands was an outstanding guest at the 10th edition of the international short film festival, Salento Finibus Terrae, which closed the Carovigno leg last night. During the fifth day, the 30 shorts projection took place- Animation and thriller/noir/horror sections-  and the prize-giving to the winners followed.




The projections started at 7pm with the Animation shorts dedicated to adults and children:

  • “Akerbeltz las brujas y el inquisidor” by Cesar Urbina Vitoria (Spain)
  • “Blanche-neige est decue” by Fred Joyeux (France)
  • “Flat frog” by Margherita Premuroso (Italy)
  • “Frames” by Martin Thoburn and Matti Adom (Germany)
  • “Stopover” by Neil Stubbings (Switzerland)
  • “The panda rubbit” by Randy Rosario (UK)
  • “Zeinek gehiago iranu” by Gregorio Muro (Spain)

Furthermore Ugo Tognazzi, the festival thread,  was tributed with the projections of “La giornata dell’onorevole”, an episode of “Mostri” where Tognazzi was the main actor. Then the Horror section shorts:

  • “Andersartig” by Dennis-Stein Schomburg (Germany)
  • “Bad toys II” by Daniel Brunet and Nicholas Douste (France)
  • “Dogballs” by Ernesto Felipe and Hugolinas (Spain)
  • “Electroshock” by Chardelieu and Jackson (UK)
  • “Ella” by Juan Montes de Oca (Spain)
  • “Eso te pasa por barroco” by Pablo Serano (Spain)
  • “Four” by Margherita Premuroso (Italy)
  • “Parigot” by Alavi, Bramoulle, Digox, Lerus and Wolfroom (France)
  • “Pincel de Zorro” by Hug Codinac (Spain)
  • “Slim picking fat chances” by David de roij (Holland)
  • “Swing of change” by Bouchard, Cenzi, LeCoq, Riedinger (France)
  • “This idea is not working” by Henrique Barone (Canada/Brasil)
  • “The whale story” by Tess Martin (USA)
  • “Tough west” by Henrique Barone (Canada/Brasil)
  • “Un orgasme” by Fred Joyeux (France)
  • “Waiting for yesterday” by Patrick Junghans (Belgium)

And two Spanish directors are the winners:

  • Best film “La casa del lago”, Gary Galder
  • Best direction “Muertos y viventes”, Inaki San Roman.

Best film for the Animation section: “Swing of change”, by Harmony Bouchard, Raphael Cenzi, Andy Le Cocq, Joakim Riedinger.

La CasaDelLagoMuertosYvivientesSwingOfChange


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